Test drive with happiness

Test drive with happiness

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Find your true calling

and pull that



from right within!

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is not by
chance, but by choice!
Give it a Test Drive!
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Embrace the Joy
that remains
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Craft Your Unique Way

To Happiness!

Happiness is indeed a choice! Everything remains in those hands and thoughts of yours that can change your life with a new ray of hope!

Hi Peeps,
I’m Gunjan Saxena, and it makes me glad to present my book to you- Test Drive With Happiness– where I take you on a journey to test drive the seed of happiness to find yourself in a joyous and enthralling voyage.

The journey for this book has been an enlightening one, where I witnessed the modern-day challenges of people in their daily lives. Amidst all the hassles, people forget their pursuit of happiness and find themselves in an abyss of emotional darkness. My efforts through this book are to give that beam of hope to every worried individual and a pat on your back for emerging successfully in life’s journey up until now.

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Know Me


Gunjan Saxena is a girl with small eyes but big dreams. She did her Bachelors in Law and achieved the esteemed degree of Company Secretary at a very young age. She is an All-India Rank-holder and has been amongst the youngest Company Secretaries. She is at present associated with one of the leading organisations in Pune and serving as Head Compliance (Legal). Apart from her profession, her passion is singing and she has taken formal training of Indian Classical Vocal Music for four years. Gunjan once participated in a contest called ‘Me and Mom’ with her son where they finished as of runner ups. She has also donned the hat of being the judge for an inter school personality development contest. Apart from singing, her hobbies include painting, dancing, taking walks in nature and trying different forms of exercises including yoga.

This book is an attempt to share the experiences of smallest things that give joy in the author’s life with a purpose to enhance the ‘Happiness Quotient’ of readers through a fun test that includes 50 Questions to be answered in a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Each answer is accompanied by the author’s perspective about the same. These questions are solely for self-evaluation.

Join Me On This Enlightening Happiness Journey

If I say that all of us can learn to be happy forever, then it’ll sound like the climax of a romantic Bollywood movie which displays “Happily ever after” in the last scene. Then how does “Happiness is a choice” make sense?

Have you ever observed that all the small children are happy souls while it is no more the same when they grow up?

Are happiness & perfection related? Is it a truth or a myth? So, are you ready to take a Test Drive with Happiness and find an answer to these questions & many more?


Readers Testimonial

Dr. Sanchita Singh

Ms. Gunjan’s personal journal eloquently explores how small details impact our daily lives, mental processes, and emotions. The simplicity of the narrative is strikingly relevant to contemporary mental health concerns such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

The author offers invaluable tips with the potential to transform life perspectives, emphasizing self-care rituals and their emotional benefits. This book serves as a practical guide for incorporating these practices into daily life.

As a mental health practitioner, I appreciate the book’s accessible conveyance of complex concepts and practical solutions for mental health challenges. The section on gifting non-materialistic items was particularly enlightening, and I plan to apply this wisdom in my own life.

In summary, the book stands out for its clarity, relevance, and adept articulation of essential concepts. It’s a commendable resource for personal growth and mental health professionals. My sincere gratitude to Ms. Gunjan for this insightful contribution.

Ph.D Assistant Professor & Counselling Psychologist

MS Komal Sonar

“Test Drive to Happiness” is a captivating exploration of self-discovery and the pursuit of joy. The author skillfully navigates the twists and turns of life, using metaphorical ‘test drives’ to illustrate the journey toward happiness. With a blend of insightful anecdotes and practical advice, this book offers a roadmap for readers seeking a more fulfilling life. While occasionally bordering on cliché, the overall narrative is engaging, making it a worthwhile read for those on a quest for personal fulfillment.

Pre Sales Manager

MS Anajali Srivastava

And let me have the opportunity to give my about your the person who have the book have done can get after having the first look And I never knew about your this skill and how you have touched every single topic of any body’s life your writing…. You have shown so much by sharing your personal … Most attractive part of this book is that will feel that they are actually with you while about every me It will touch the every aspect of life… Yes got to know so many new things about you like you play dholak, about etc… As much as I know that how much you are from inside as well as from have given that in your book…so much that with every single turning page keeps you going… I like this ride with you GUNJAN ride of , etc… People will love this content of this book will attract the way of people by sharing small small details of your life…I wish you good luck for this new journey….keep writing….keep spreading positivity…..


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