Test drive with happiness

Find Your True

Calling and unveil

the hidden you !

Know The Book!

“Test Drive with Happiness” – is just not the book, it is an interactive journal that works along with you to bring out the newer version of you – the more realized and aware one. It is something that stays with you, nourishes you with the warmth and humour of a friend, sharing her own experiences over the diversity of the day-to-day challenges. It is not something which has the terminology of a psychological thesis nor the preaching of a self-help book; it is something that deals with the practical experiences that the author was able to come across when encountered with those challenges. It is simple, practical that can be applied to our day to day lives for fulfilling the pursuit of happiness that we as human beings have always strived for; in whatever acts we do, imagine, or aspire. Gaining joy, inner peace is always the subtle theme in all our deeds and desires.

Let The Book 

Do the Talking!

Introducing this book to you gives me pride and also fills me up with humility as I hold the bundle of the experiences in and around my life that have inspired and shaped my life.
What if I tell you, that happiness is a choice, and not something that is enforced upon us? In our day to day lives there are some questions that present themselves in front of us and how we respond to them determines the outcome of our pursuit towards happiness.

Take a Glance!

Take a sneak peek into the book and some of the pages to understand what you can expect from this happiness dictionary! Viewing the following pages will give you a trial about what you can expect from the book’s reading. Exploring the truth behind the perpetual happiness of blissful people is one of the primary objectives of this book.

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