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Who Am I?
My name is Gunjan Saxena and I believe in experiencing life a bit closer to it.
What is the rhythm of life and how it transcends into us the human beings; the foremost quest of our being – Being happy, to feel the joy that we were created with to experience by the Almighty at the first place.

Though with the different experiences that we go through in the regular course of our lives, our priorities keep shifting and amidst that we find ourselves stacked and stuck not able to move and sometime not even to breathe with the so-called burden of responsibilities, fears and pretensions that we endorse ourselves with, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

In this world of infinite possibilities and information, we still find ourselves lacking in knowledge for our own ascent. With the all-is-perfect, promising, optimistic, enthusiastic, everything so-cool portrayal we find ourselves entangled in complexities and self-doubts.
Here comes; the rendezvous with the self, a guided journal that comes along with you and talk to you as if a friend who wants to listen to you in all our real-ness, accepting the way you are and share with you her experiences in those contexts.

“Test Drive With Happiness” comes with you for a ride filled with humour, self-experience and simplicity to explore the real happiness in the day to day life of ours…


God has been really kind to me for making me capable enough to achieve some respectable things in my life. With His blessings and my conviction to do something different yet special in life, I tasted success at a very young age. I achieved my bachelor’s degree in law to equip myself with substantial knowledge.

My educational qualifications, characterized by real-time work experiences, gave me the opportunity to crack the exam to secure the position of Company Secretary at a tender age.

My experience has helped me gain association with one of the most prosperous organizations based in Pune, where I serve as Head of Compliance in the legal department.

Amongst my hobbies, singing is one of my primary sources of happiness. To hone my vocal skills, I sought professional training in Indian Classical vocal music for four long years! Besides singing, I take a keen interest in kathak and painting. Peaceful walks in the lap of nature, and different exercises, including yoga are some activities that keep me eager and inspired! One achievement that gives me immense satisfaction is participating in the “Me and Mom” contest with my lovely son. The competition declared us as a worthy runner-up. A feather in my cap has been taking over the responsibilities of a judge at an inter-school personality development contest.

I ardently believe the achievements are somethings of the past and keep yearning to explore more.




Has a degree in law



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